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Whole body cryotherapy in Lyon: Improve your sporting performance and ease your pain!

Discover whole-body crotherapy (wbc) and its benefits

Note: Given the current context, whole body cryotherapy sessions are currently suspended for hygiene reasons.

At the Cryomotion® center, located in the heart of Lyon, come and discover the unique universe of whole-body cryotherapy.

One session of whole-body cryotherapy at Cryomotion® will infuse you with new energy. It will ease your chronic or inflammatory pain and boost your performance and sense of well-being.


Whole-body cryotherapy is a non-invasive, hyper-cooling process that quickly and efficiently exposes the body to temperatures of -110 °C to -150 °C.

Origin of Whole-Body Cryotherapy

Applying cold locally to combat pain or for other therapeutic purposes is nothing new.
The first uses of snow or ice for their analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties can be found in the ancient sayings of Hippocrates (460 - 377 BCE).
The development of whole-body cryotherapy as we know it today started more recently. The first cold chamber opened in Poland in the 1980s. The technology has since been adopted in many countries, across Europe specifically, in different forms.
The whole-body cryotherapy chamber with liquid nitrogen, such as the one used by the Cryomotion® center represents the most advanced form of this technology.

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  • Whole-body cryotherapy process (wbc)

    During a short session (3 min*) of whole-body cryotherapy at Cryomotion®, the body is temporarily exposed to a temperature as low as -150 °C.

    * 3 min out of your lunch break to boost your well-being, for example!

  • Whole-body cryotherapy process (wbc)

    The goal of being exposed to cold this intense is to create a “thermal shock”.
    The body is suddenly exposed to a temperature ranging from -110 to -150 °C.

  • Whole-body cryotherapy process (wbc)

    This controlled thermal shock leads to vasoconstriction (the blood vessels contract and the blood flow is reoriented primarily towards the essential organs in order to protect them); it activates the release of adrenaline in the blood stream.

    The thermal shock also leads to an analgesic effect and a reduction in swelling thanks to the lowering of tissue temperature.

  • Whole-body cryotherapy process (wbc)

    During the post-session warm-up, the blood vessels dilate again (vasodilation), generating a modification of the blood flow and better tissue oxygenation.

    An immediate sensation of well-being is felt, linked to the massive liberation of endorphins.

    To extend the benefits of WBC over the long term, it is necessary to have maintenance sessions.

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Recognized benefits of Whole-Body Cryotherapy

Sports and fitness:

Extreme cold for extreme performance!

  • Muscular preparation
  • Increase athletic performance
  • Accelerate after-effort recovery
  • Reduction of the inflammatory processes linked to intense sports practice
  • Sport trauma: reduce the recovery time after injury or sports surgery.

High-level athletes regularly use whole-body cryotherapy to prevent muscular pain and improve their recovery time after training sessions and sporting events, or to boost their performance.

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Inflammatory, chronic or rheumatic pain

Intense cold to ease your pain!

One session of whole-body cryotherapy has an anti-pain and anti-inflammatory effect.

A reduction in pain can be felt as of the 1st session of whole-body cryotherapy.

Most often, effects appear after several sessions: the soothing effect generally lasts longer after regular sessions.

No more than two whole-body cryotherapy treatments per day are advised. 

Areas of application:

  • Traumatology: pain and muscular injury, pain after surgery...
  • Rheumatology: arthrosis, fibromyalgia...
  • Neurology: migraines, depressive states, multiple sclerosis*, Parkinson's disease*...
  • Dermatology: psoriasis, eczema*...

*after medical advice and certificate of no contraindication

Well-being and beauty:

  • Improved vitality and well-being (release of endorphins)
  • Reduction of problems linked to anxiety, phases of intense stress, trouble sleeping...
  • Heavy or painful legs
  • Anti-aging effect
  • Improvement of body toning and appearance of the skin

Cold treatment increases your dynamism and motivation.

Whole-body cryotherapy has no demonstrated effect on weight loss.

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Contraindications & precautions

The benefits of whole-body cryotherapy, be they for health reasons, fitness or well-being, are suitable for everybody, except in the case of medical contraindications or subject to medical opinion for users over 65 years of age.

In all cases, at your 1st whole-body cryotherapy session, we will ask you:

  • To complete a health questionnaire, in order to ensure that you do not present any health issues that would contraindicate use of the therapy,
  • To tell us, during future sessions, about any new developments relating to your state of health.


Certain contraindications must imperatively be taken into consideration and excluded from the practice of whole-body cryotherapy. These are mentioned on the medical questionnaire.

They consist of:

  • Recent cardiovascular incidents and subcutaneous cardiac devices
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure*
  • Kidney failure
  • Hypersensitivity to the cold
  • Severe circulatory problems
  • Raynaud's syndrome and disease
  • Wounds that are not healed
  • Respiratory pathologies*
  • Pregnancy / Breastfeeding

*unless accompanied by a doctor's note certifying the absence of a contraindication


During a whole-body cryotherapy session, certain precautions must be respected:

  • Do not enter the chamber while wet
  • Do not engage in sporting activities within 30 minutes before the session
  • Remove all jewelry and piercings

What to wear during a whole-body cryotherapy session:

  • Underwear or bathing suit (dry)
  • The Cryomotion® center provides gloves and socks to protect the hands and feet 

For the sake of hygiene, single-use under-gloves, under-socks and bathrobes will be given to you at each session.
Only one person may enter the chamber at a time.
The session duration (3 min maximum) and the temperature are determined according to the stated indications and the desired effects.

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