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Cryolipolysis in Lyon: Refine your silhouette thanks to "cryo slimming"!

Discover cryolipolysis and its benefits

The cold can help you to get rid of localized fatty tissue and little unwanted bulges, when diets or exercise aren't working!

The Cryomotion® center in Lyon uses cryolipolysis technology to help you fight back against localized fat deposits that make silhouettes ungainly.

The Cryomotion® center has recently been equipped with a "360° cryolipolysis" machine equipped with the latest cryolipolysis technology: the handpieces diffuse the cold at 360 degrees, i.e. over the entire handpieces, and not just at the level of the so-called "Peltier" cooling plates.

360° cryolipolysis thus achieves wider and more intense cold diffusion: fat cells are more widely affected and destroyed by the cold.

What is cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is a technology imported from the United States. It is an original procedure for the selective destruction of fatty tissue through intense cold.


The cryolipolysis technique is simple: application of an intense cold of -5 to -10 °C on localized areas of the body resulting in the destruction of fat cells located in the subcutaneous tissue (hypodermis), without hurting nearby tissue.

A cryolipolysis session generally lasts from 35 to 60 minutes.

No injection is necessary during a cryolipolysis session.

Treatment by cryolipolysis is an efficient slimming method: one single session generally makes it possible to significantly reduce localized fatty tissue.


The destruction of fatty tissue by cryolipolysis intervenes in a selective manner that causes little pain and is non-invasive, it is vastly different from liposuction, which involves more complicated post-treatment effects: pain, bruising, wearing a special panty for several weeks, painful  and long convalescence.

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    Cryolipolysis consists in the destruction (“lysis”) of fat cells (“lipo”) located in the hypodermic tissue by the cold (“cryo”), without hurting adjacent tissue.

  • "360° CRYOLIPOLYSIS" or classic cryolipolysis?

    What is the difference?

    A wider and better distributed diffusion of the cold on the fat mass aspirated is achieved during the 360° cryolipolysis session. The cold is in fact diffused over the entire circumference of the cryolipolysis handpiece, and not only at the Peltier plate level.

    The fat cells will therefore be more widely destroyed.

  • Cryolipolysis technique

    The skin is protected thanks to the application of a technical membrane covered with a specially adapted gel.

  • Cryolipolysis technique

    Fat cells which are rich in saturated fat are particularly sensitive to the cold, contrary to the surrounding tissue.

  • Cryolipolysis technique

    Comparison of normal skin and skin with fatty deposits.

Cryolipolysis process

Exposure to intense cold (-5 to -10 °C) during for 35 to 60 min leads to the “crystallization” of cells that store fat. These fat cells are rendered so fragile that they undergo apoptosis (cellular suicide). The microphages, the organism's cleaning cells, evacuate them naturally, as they do for hundreds of thousands of cells every day in the organism.

This destruction of fatty cells is progressive.
The effects often appear within 60 to 90 days of the session.
For this reason, results of the treatment are staggered over time.

Progressively, the fat deposits diminish and the silhouette slims down.

Benefits of cryolipolysis

  • The progressive destruction of an important part of adipocytes (according to the thickness of the fatty tissue which will determine the number of sessions required)
  • The intervention is barely painful, and only during the aspiration phase. The cold is a powerful anesthetic.
  • Few side effects (redness and bruising that disappear quickly; in more rare cases, phlyctenules)
  • Systematic application of a soothing cream with a light massage at the end of the session
  • No period of unavailability.

The cryolipolysis technique obviously does not dispense one from observing a balanced diet.

A session of cryolipolysis generally has a positive and dynamic effect, encouraging efforts in that direction.

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  • Abdomen (upper or lower part of the stomach)
  • Sides (“love handles”)
  • Thighs (upper inside area)
  • Outside facing area of the upper thighs (“saddlebags”) if the skin elasticity allows for sufficient aspiration
  • Knees (inside area)
  • Pectorals (men)


  • Raynaud's syndrome and disease
  • Infectious or inflammatory dermatitis
  • Abdominal hernias: umbilical and inguinal
  • Pregnancy / Breastfeeding
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A cryolipolysis session at the Cryomotion® center

We evaluate your needs in order to offer you a personalized treatment.

The treatment is localized in the zones that you wish to slim down.

The machine used by the Cryomotion® center allows for the use of two applicators in certain cases.

In one session it's possible to treat:

  • Either, two symmetric zones simultaneously using two applicators (small or medium-sized)
    For example: 2 love handles
  • Or a single, larger central zone (like the abdomen), by using one large or very large applicator
  • During the cryolipolysis session

    Preliminary: Evaluation of the necessary treatment

    The session starts by measuring the fatty deposit, using a specialized device.

    This simple examination makes it possible to determine the number of sessions necessary.

    Depending on the thickness of the fatty tissue, and the desired result, one or more sessions will be required (1 session if the thickness of the fatty tissue is under 40 mm; 2 or more sessions when it is greater than 40 mm).

  • During the cryolipolysis session

    The Session:

    At the beginning of the session, a gel and a technical compress are applied on the zone to be treated to protect the skin from the cold.

    A transductor (applicator connected to the cryolipolysis machine) applies suction and captures the fatty tissue in order to cool it.

    The aspiration of the fatty tissue may sometimes be a bit painful for the first 5 minutes, but this sensation quickly disappears thanks to the anesthetizing effect of the cold.

    The fatty cells are particularly sensitive to the cold: they become fragile and fragmented when exposed to intense cold.

    Depending on the thickness of the fatty layer, if several sessions are expected, each must be spaced out after a period of 45 to 60 days minimum from the previous session (and at most 3 months apart in order to not miss out on the benefits of the previous session).

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After the session

The now fragile fatty cells evolve progressively towards apoptosis and are naturally eliminated by the organism (that is the role of macrophage cells).
The fatty deposits diminish and, little by little, your silhouette becomes slimmer.
Results become visible beginning 60 to 90 days after treatment.

Lipo HIFU : comment affiner ses cuisses et autres amas graisseux localisés

Pour compléter ou préparer la cryolipolyse : le LipoHIFU(1)

La technique du LipoHIFU(1) utilise les Ultrasons Focalisés de Haute Intensité pour détruire les cellules graisseuses.

C'est la chaleur intense émise par les ultrasons focalisés, et non le froid comme pour la cryolipolyse, qui va engendrer la fragmentation et la destruction des cellules graisseuses.

Le LipoHIFU va avoir une action sur les amas graisseux localisés, mais également sur le relâchement cutané.

Le LipoHIFU est principalement utilisé dans 2 hypothèses :

- Zones difficilement accessibles par les pièces à main utilisées pour la cryolipolyse.
Ex. : face antérieure (dessus) de la cuisse.

- Tissu graisseux très fibreux, afin de préparer le travail de la cryolipolyse.
Ex. : face externe haute des cuisses ("culotte de cheval").

En savoir plus sur le LipoHIFU

(1) LipoHIFU : 
« Lipo » (tiré du grec) =  graisse, corps gras.
« HIFU » = acronyme de « High Intensity Focused Ultrasound » (Ultrasons Focalisés de Haute Intensité).

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