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  • Rediscover the silhouetteyou love!
  • Slimming through coldin Lyon, at the Cryomotion Centre!
  • Slim your figure thanks to the cold, but not only...
  • Build up your muscle mass while slimming your silhouette!
  • Remodel your shapes! 
  • Underline your curves!
  • Rediscover the silhouette
    you love!
  • Slimming through cold
    in Lyon, at the Cryomotion Centre!
  • Slim your figure
    thanks to the cold,
    but not only...

  • Build up
    your muscle mass
    while slimming your silhouette!

  • Remodel your shapes
  • Underline your curves!

Cryomotion®, your body reshaping, Cryolipolysis & whole body Cryotherapy center in Lyon

Slimming, Refinement of the Silhouette and Muscle Strengthening

The Cryomotion® center, located in the heart of Lyon, invites you to come and discover the benefits of cold...

Cryolipolysis and Whole-Body Cryotherapy: these two cold-based therapies contribute to the body's well-being and fitness.
However, their processes and recommended uses are very different!
Discover the differences between whole-body cryotherapy and cryolipolysis by clicking here.

The Cryomotion® center has extended its activity to new and complementary techniques, all designed to help you find the silhouette you like: 360° cryolipolysisMShape®, LipoHIFU et Firm&Smooth Tech®.

Our clinic operates by appointment only:
Book your appointment now or 0618074024

Note: Given the current context, whole body cryotherapy sessions are currently suspended for hygiene reasons.

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  • News

    Understand the difference between "360° cryolipolysis" and "classic" cryolipolysis at a glance!

  • News 

    360° Cryolipolysis

    Are you familiar with 360° cryolipolysis?

    This is the latest generation of cryolipolysis machines and therapeutic innovation in the treatment of localised fat deposits.

    The new "360 degree" technology uses all-metal, silicone-coated handpieces to protect the skin.

    The cold delivered by 6 Peltier plates diffuses over the entire cryolipolysis handpiece and thus allows maximum and very homogeneous impregnation of the fat cells in the targeted area by the cold.

    Whereas conventional cryolipolysis handpieces diffused the cold in a non-homogeneous way only at the lateral level of 2 Peltier plates.

    If you would like to know more, please contact us on 0618074024.

  • Understanding Cryolipolysis

    This technique, contrary to what some people say, does not make you lose kilos, but centimeters of waist circumference (or any other treated area)!

    Indeed, cryolipolysis acts by reducing localized fat deposits, which refines the silhouette.

    Don't hesitate to call us! 0618074024!

  • News

    After a short summer break, the CRYOMOTION® Centre reopened its doors on September 25 and welcomes you from Monday to Friday.

    After a natural relaxation during your holidays in the current particular context, do not hesitate to contact us to carry out an assessment and determine the most suitable technique(s) to help you regain the figure that suits you: cryolipolysis, MShape, Firm&Smooth, LipoHifu...

    More information: 0618074024

  • News

    The decrease in physical activity inherent in confinement has led to the formation of some undesirable fat deposits?

    Be aware that cryolipolysis can help you, because fat cells are extremely sensitive to cold.

    Do not hesitate to call us for more information: 0618074024

  • NEWS

    The CRYOMOTION® Centre reopened its doors on 11 May, 2020, with all health precautions and barrier gestures: masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic gel will be systematically offered.

    Don't hesitate to call us now to schedule your appointments!
    0618074024 !

    In the meantime, take care of yourself!

  • News

    In addition to cryolipolysis...

    Remember...Cryolipolysis helps you refine your localized fatty tissue.

    But in this period of confinement, sometimes complicated, practicing a few simple daily physical exercises will help you preserve your figure and your morale...

    Abs, squats or cladding are your best allies to face this unusual daily life.

    Take care of yourself!

  • News


    In order to take care of US ALL, and to contribute to the mobilization against the spread of the Coronavirus, the CRYOMOTION® Centre is forced to suspend its activity, until May 11th, 2020.

    But you can schedule your appointments now.

    Don't hesitate to call us! 0618074024!

    In the meantime, take care... by staying home!

  • News

    Discover cryolipolysis...

    And the benefits of the intense cold applied locally on recalcitrant fatty deposits!

    Take advantage of the very attractive packages offered by the Cryomotion® Center during cryolipolysis sessions performed on identical or different body areas!

  • News

    Teeth whitening

    Show off your radiant smile for the beautiful days of spring, as soon as the Cryomotion® Centre can reopen its doors!

    (Treatment by a dental surgeon)

  • News

    Experience whole body cryotherapy

    Whole-body cryotherapy session: in 3 minutes maximum, enjoy the benefits of extreme cold!

    Discover our compellingly priced packages.

    Information about WBC.

  • News

    Light therapy

    You miss the sunlight and it makes you gloomy....

    Enjoy a light therapy session offered after a whole body cryotherapy or cryolipolysis session in the morning!

Cryomotion® quality charter:

  • Certified Whole-Body Cryotherapy and Cryolipolysis machines with state-of-the-art technologies
  • Cryotherapists trained by doctors and cryotherapy and cryolipolysis professionals
  • Use of high-quality consumables
  • The utmost respect for hygiene protocols
  • Center in permanent contact with doctors in the case of post-session questions, specifically in the case of cryolipolysis (redness, bruising, or possible discomfort)
  • Information provided to clients on the techniques used (contraindications, precautions, undesirable effects)
  • Practice of Cryolipolysis in accordance with the recommendations of the Haute Autorité de Santé (July 2018 report)
  • Scientific and medical counsellor: Dr. Jean-Pierre Gobin


"Cryo" actually refers to two different techniques using cold: cryolipolysis & whole-body cryotherapy.

Slimming through cold: HOW DOES IT WORK?

You want to refine your figure...

Cryolipolysis is a selective and non-invasive method to reduce localized fat deposits. It does not have the same disadvantages as liposuction. The method consists of sucking up the fatty deposits that are locally subjected to cold (-5 to -10°C). One session lasts between 35 and 60 minutes and will lead to a gradual destruction of the fat cells. The number of sessions required depends on the thickness of the fatty tissue. The destruction of fat cells is generally optimal between 60 to 90 days after the session.

The cryolipolysis centre Cryomotion® offers you an area that complies with all safety and hygiene instructions: cryolipolysis machine to CE medical standards, verification of the absence of contraindications, application of high quality technical compresses and protective gel. The cryolipolysis technique performed at the Cryomotion® centre is in accordance with the recommendations of the French High Authority for Health (July 2018).

More information...


Whole-body cryotherapy ("WBC") delivers its benefits in a few minutes in the field of sport, health and well-being. A WBC session exposes your body to intense cold (-110 to -150°C) for a maximum of 3 minutes. This extreme cold generates a thermal shock leading to various cascading effects: vasoconstriction, muscle contraction, release of endorphins... The WBC will allow you to prepare before or recover after an intense physical exercise, relieve your inflammatory pains, increase your body tonicity, reduce your tensions and stress....

The whole-body cryotherapy centre Cryomotion® offers you an area that complies with all safety and hygiene instructions: cabin to CE medical standards, verification of the absence of contraindications, hands and feet protection...

More information...

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