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Whitening your teeth in Lyon


Teeth whitening, or brightening, is done at the Cryomotion® center in Lyon by a dental surgeon.

After an examination by an oral dentist, teeth whitening can be done if there are no contraindications. A brightening solution, reserved for practicing dentists, makes it possible to progressively whiten the enamel and the dentin of the teeth.
When in prolonged contact with the teeth, this solution breaks up the brown-yellow pigments that tend to appear over the course of time.
White teeth symbolize health and youth, and restore self-confidence.

Why do teeth turn yellow over time?

Daily dental hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, especially for removing tartar, are obviously essential.
However, these types of care only eliminate the most superficial stains.
Over the years, the brown-yellow colors progressively settle deeper and deeper in the enamel of the tooth, and then in the dentin. The consumption of tea, coffee or red wine aggravates the phenomenon. Smoking also amplifies dental discoloration.
Whitening, or brightening, done by a dentist is the only method that effectively treats this problem.


1. Oral-dental examination:

This preliminary examination is necessary. It makes it possible to:

  • Eliminate the possibility of contraindications (cavities, gingivitis, fragile teeth, etc.)
  • Control for the presence of crowns, veneers or implants that will not whiten when in contact with the solution
  • Evaluate the necessity of removing tartar and/or polishing prior to treatment

2. Main techniques of external whitening:

Chair dental whitening:

Complementary to the outpatient method, this method is practiced during the 1st session at the Cryomotion® center in Lyon.

Outpatient technique:

  • During the 1st appointment, the practitioner makes an imprint of the upper jaw, or potentially the upper and lower jaw, in order to create a plastic dental mold adjusted to your teeth
  • During the second appointment, you will receive the plastic dental mold accompanied by a container holding the brightening gel
  • The mold is to be applied at home with a small quantity of brightening gel, either during the day* for 2 to 3 hours, or at night** for 5 to 6 hours. The mold must be worn for 8 to 10 consecutive days

*day gel: hydrogen peroxide
**night gel: carbamide peroxide

3. Once the whitening has occurred:

It is possible to maintain the brightness by applying the day gel or the night gel 1 to 2 times per year. Containers of brightening gel are available for purchase at the Cryomotion® center in Lyon.

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  • Teeth that are yellow in color brighten better than teeth that are grey in tone.
  • Smokers will experience limited results if they do not stop smoking.
  • The whitening effect lasts 2 years on average. However, heavy smokers and those who consume large quantities of tea, coffee or red wine will have to redo the procedure earlier.
  • It is entirely possible to maintain the result obtained on an annual basis by reusing your dental mold with brightening gel that is available at the Cryomotion®.
  • Degrees of whiteness vary from one person to another.
  • Sometimes, teeth only whiten a little bit. In these rare cases, veneers are the only solution.
  • It is possible to experience dental sensitivity for a few hours after the treatment (avoid very hot or very cold meals).
  • It is recommended to not consume foods that stain the teeth and not to smoke for 48 hours following the treatment.
  • Excellent oral hygiene will maintain the whitening effect over time.

Cosmetic whitening:

It is important not to confuse “cosmetic” teeth whitening practiced by “smile bars” or the whitening gel that is available in pharmacies, which only brighten the surface of the enamel, with the procedure offered by dentists

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